Andre Yordan, Zulkarnain Zulkarnain, Alvi Furwanti Alwie


Housing and settlement are basic human needs and have a strategic
function in its role as a center for family education, cultural nursery and
upcoming generation quality. The growth of Pekanbaru City residents encourages
the growth of housing development in Pekanbaru City so as to provide developers
with the opportunity to compete to provide housing in accordance with the
segmentation of society such as houses of simple type, middle to upper middle
class. According to Bank BTN data in 2011-2013, the realization of subsidized
housing loans (modest houses) increased by 113.71%. Given the high interest in
purchasing these modest homes, developers should pay close attention to good
marketing strategies in order to stay afloat in the housing marketing competition
by providing more value than simple home sales such as various facilities, prices
and access to the city.
The formulation of problem in this research is how far the influence of
marketing mix strategy which consist of price, location, building (product),
facility and environment to interest and decision of simple home purchase by
consumer of Pekanbaru City. the purpose of this study to know and analyze
consumers Pekanbaru City and know the dominant variable affecting the decision
of a simple home purchase by consumers Pekanbaru City.
The theory used is Marketing Management on Marketing Mix Strategy.
Approach in this research is questionnaire and interview. This type of research is
descriptive quantitative, the nature of research is just to get a picture of a
situation and problems and interpret. population in this study was 251,921
households, the sample size of this study as many as 100 respondents. Hypothesis
testing using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) analysis. In this study there are
six hypotheses that have been tested through SEM analysis with 5% significance
level resulting in Critical Ratio (CR) 1.96.
The results show that marketing mix strategy has direct and indirect effect.
For the direct influence of the variable that has the greatest influence on the
interest variable is the price with the contribution of 76.3% while the decision
variable that has a direct influence is the interest variable with the contribution of
73.1%. For indirect effect of variable which have the biggest influence to decision
variable buy is price with contribution equal to 55,8%. based on the results of the
analysis can be concluded to form a buying decision can only be done if a simple
residential community already has an interest to buy a house.


Simple House, Marketing Mix, Buying Interest, Buying Decision

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